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Kamnik alps


The Kamniška Bistrica Valley is a great starting point for hiking trips into the Kamnik Alps. You can from various routes with different levels of difficulty. In the summer time, two mountain lodges on the mountain passes Kokrško sedlo and Kamniško sedlo are open.

We advise you to gather enough information about your route and take the trip only with appropriate outfit.


Detailed route descriptions are available at http://en.hribi.net/

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Our suggestion:

A visit to Velika planina

Starting point: Stahovica (parking place behind the Calcit factory)

Duration: 3-4 hours

Route description: One of the most popular footpaths to Velika planina leads from Stahovica past the pilgrimage churches of St. Primus and St. Peter. The starting point is near the crossroads in Stahovica. A wide path leads us past the village Prapertno in a slight incline to St. Primus (here is a nice connection with the Kisovec pasture, and an unmarked path from the village Potok v Črni joins in here). From here we ascend in the direction north to the ridge of Ravni hrib and under the Pasje peči to the small mountain pass, where also the path through Konjska dolina Valley leads. Soon we arrive to Mala planina pasture, where 3 mountain lodges are located. We continue toward the herdsmen's settlement on Velika planina, which is only half an hour walk away. The route is not difficult and is clearly marked, the time of walking is 3 - 4 hours.

Trip suggestion - duration: 8 hours

A hike to Konj (Pred Belo - Konj)

About 2km from the lower cable car station to Velika planina you will notice a small gravel parking place and mountain guideposts to Presedljaj, Konj and Korošica (the parking place is behind the bridge).

Kamnik alps


Route description: From the parking place you take the footpath in the direction of Presedljaj, Korošica and Konj. After some ten feet the path brings you to a wide ascending curt rut which you follow up the valley. After half an hour there is a turning to the left which leads to the Orglice Waterfall (10 min), while you continue to the right, where the curt rut becomes a footpath. The path gradually becomes steeper and after some time it brings you to a forest with scattered trees, where from time to time you get magnificent views, especially at the rock wall fo Rzenik. The path itself also becomes more interesting, leading over small brighes crossing mountain ravines. At first the path brings us to a beautiful viewing point with a nice bench and a table. During the next ascend there is also a steel cable to help you, however it is not a dangerous  crossing. The last part of the ascent to Presedljaj, the path leads you over a panoramic slope, overgrown with mountain pine. On Presedljaj there is a crossroads where we turn right following the signs for Konj. The path leads slightly to the right over somewhat steeper rubbly slope and then turns to the left. You make a short, but steep ascend with the help of wedges.  You continue over a slope, covered with mountain pine, to a ridge. The path leads you over the rights side of the ridge and becomes a bit more difficult and exposed. Now you will face what is probably the hardes part of the route, a steep ascend back toward the ridge with the help of steel cable and wedges.  After you reach the ridge, you only have a few more steps to the fore-summit with the box with inscription book and a stamp. From here there is only a short ascend by the steel cable to the summit of Konj.

Pred Belo - Presedljaj 3:00 hours, Presedljaj - Konj 45 minutes.