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Budnar's Museum House

Bundar's Museum House is located in a small village Palovče above the town Kamnik. With its over one hunder years old appearance it preserves the herritage of old farmhouses and the simple way of life in the country. The smoke kitchen with open fireplace, farmhouse parlour or a living room with maple table and  the traditional small house altar in the dining corner, a bench round the table, a traditional bed, a special table for kneading dough, are only some of the interesting things that give this house a special meaning.

Bundar's Museum House is still alive today:

  • it's door is open every Saturday and Sunday from 2 till 5 p.m. or by arrangement,
  • throughout the year, numerous exhibitions and events, lectures, workshops and social meeting take place.

Allow us to ascort you into the house and experience an insight into the life of our grandmothers and grandfathers.

For all additional information and reservation please call send an e-mail: uelbnojlAhnbjm/dpn