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Velika planina

Idilic pastures in the summer, skiing and sledging in the winter

The Camp Alpe campsite is an excellent starting point for a hiking trip to mountain pastures of Velika planina, with plenty possibilities for walks, hiking tours or mountain bike tours. A ramble through the pastures in the pure air offers wonderful views of nearby Kamnik Alps and the whole Ljubljana basin.

A visit to a pastoral settlement, which is one of the few preserved settlements of such size in Europe,  is highly recommended.  This part of Velika planina becomes especially lively between June and September, when the typical huts are inhabited by the shepherds, who bring their cattle to pasture. They will be glad to offer you some of our typical dairy products such as soured milk, cottage cheese and cheese. You can also visit some other local sights in the settlement, such as the Chapel of St. Mary Major, Preskar's museum and the Veternica cave, situated on the way to the settlement.



Preskar museum

The museum is located in the herdsmen’s settlement and is opened every day during the pasture season. It is distinguished by its appearance, since the small, grey herdsmen’s hut is located in the stone part of the settlement.

After the Second World War, Andrej Preskar built his cottage with the original oval floor plan, as it was before the war. Today, this is the only cottage which is distinct from the other cottages with its shape, size and modestly decorated interior. Among other things in the cottage, there is also an example of “trnič”- a special sort of cheese known in this area.


How to get there?

A cablecar, located directly by the campsite, can take you to the Velika planina in 5 minutes. Then you can take a walk toward the top of the pasture (30 minutes on foot) or take a chair lift.

The cable car to Velika planina is located directly at the campsite.

Timetable - cablecar


WE RECOMMEND YOU TO HIRE A GUIDE. Guide can be rented at the reception desk



Velika planina


The hiking trail through Dolski graben starts in the vicinity of the Camp Alpe (direction Kraljev hrib) and leads past the pastures of Planina Dol and Planina Konjščica to the Velika planina (2,5 hour walk). Two other marked mountain trails also lead to Velika planina, one beginning in the village Stahovica (Stahovica - Sv.Primož - Kisovec - Mala planina), the other one in the village Krivčevo (Krivčevo - Podkrajnik - Mala planina - Velika planina).

Our suggestion:

We suggest you to take a ride with the cablecar, which brings you to 1412m. This is the beginning of the pastures looking from the south. You can continue on foot and take a strole up the gravel road under the chair lift, where you reach the guesthouse Zeleni rob in 30 minutes (slight  slope). In case you wish to walk less, a chair lift can bring you there.

In both cases you reach a point called Zeleni rob (Green Edge), and a gravel road leads from there to the pastoral settlement and other sights. In case you want to prolong your walk, you can continue your trip to the pastures of Mala planina (30 minutes of easy walking, marked trail), where 3 mountain huts are located.

You can find detailed information with descriptions on www.velikaplanina.si.